Negroni Cocktail Deconstruction | Hendrick’s, Barr Hill, and Beefeater Gin Breakdown

Our negroni cocktail deconstruction involves taking a standard negroni drink design and making it three times – once with Hendrick’s, Barr Hill, and Beefeater Gin.

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Today we break down those three gin flavors to see what the negroni is all about. Keeping it to standard ingredients outside of the gin change up allows us to focus on what the gin does to the drink. As it seems to turn out, Barr Hill, while a fantastic flavored gin (watch our review here it brings an off-balance sweetness that contradicts the bitter flavor of campari.

Hendrick’s was “different” and perhaps a bit floral but doesn’t really make it “better” than your standard London Dry (such as Beefeater). An interesting experiment indeed.

Time Segments
0:00 Introduction
0:30 Gin Brands Used
0:54 Recipe Card
2:20 Love for Danny Morris
2:33 The Reactions
5:34 That time Dan had to drink a glass of campari
6:25 Which one is better?
6:57 What does landcrafted mean?
7:43 The Terroir & Derrick the hipstir
8:41 Nerding out, Deep Space 9, and Wallace Shawn
9:36 Ian’s Ranking
10:25 Comic Recall: Landcrafted
10:50 Outtro

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