Jack Daniels Tennessee Cider Review, Limited October Edition

Jack Daniels Tennessee Cider is a new limited edition product for October 2013. A light refreshing product which our fans say work well warm (as it says on the bottle). If you’re expecting a true blood “Jack Daniels” level potency out of their Tennessee Cider you’ll find yourself a bit disappointed as this cider brings a light and refreshing mouth feel with just hints of oak along with the apple profile all bottled in a 15% ABV product.

The light and refreshing nature of this cider really feels like it could fit into a beer bottle design but the 15% ABV would probably be a seriously bad on your body. The only thing that this cider may miss that you’ll find in most actual bottled hard cider would be a bit more sweetness and maybe a more pronounced acidic bite.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Cider is a “while supplies last” type of product I believe–they don’t give you a full list of cases/bottles available for the month.


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