How To Make The Long Goodbye / Mezcal & Cynar Oh My!

Today we’re going to show you how to make a Long Goodbye cocktail, this drink brings both the smoke of mezcal and the bite of cynar with a bit of juice. Bookmark the recipe

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The Long Goodbye
– 1½ oz. Cynar
– ½ oz. Mezcal
– 1 oz. Fresh orange juice
– ¼ oz. Fresh lime juice
– ¼ oz. Rich simple syrup
– 1 oz. Soda water
– Garnish: lime wedge

This drink will fall flat on a new cocktail tasters pallet, if they’re not fans of lightly sweetened bitter drinks with a smokey after taste. This drink enhances the smoke of your mezcal so you won’t need an overly aggressive mezcal solution to get to the bass note of the cocktail.

Video Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:31 Recipe breakdown
1:02 The awkward moment guy….?
1:32 Michael Schwabe love.
2:10 Where to buy stuff?
3:03 Ian struggles for water?
3:26 The money shot
3:50 The Great Straw Conspiracy
4:50 The taste breakdown
6:05 How tall is Ian?
6:30 This is pretty smokey?
9:31 Dan goes from good to medium

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