How To Make the Irish Buck / Saint Patrick’s Day Cocktail

Today we’re going to show you how to make the Irish Buck. Thank you to Bushmills Whiskey for sponsoring this video. Remember, your first St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail is on Bushmills, checkout for details.

The Irish Buck is a classic cocktail design based off the “buck” which is a named noted for cocktails with a core spirit (in this case Bushmills The Original Irish Whiskey), a citrus, and ginger ale.

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The Irish Buck is a beautifully elegant simple cocktail design. This easy cocktail is fast to make, requires few ingredients and allows you to taste the flavors of The Buck. Use your favorite ginger ale for this recipe design for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Remember, saint patrick’s day isn’t about green cocktail recipes, it’s about classic recipes that give you a taste of history while allowing you to enjoy a day of celebration. Happy St Paddy’s day, no go make yourself a Bushmills The Original Irish Whiskey drink!

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