How To Make The Hurricane with Fassionola Syrup

Today we’ll show you how to make the hurricane drink with red fassionola syrup, following our base recipe found here

B.G. Reynolds’ Red Fassionola

Our goal is to produce a hurricane recipe slightly more unique than the last time we created it, which used standard Passion Fruit Syrup. However, the classic hurricane cocktail called for Fassionola Syrup. We still applied our grenadine as was suggested in our base recipe, however the red Fassionola color (from cherry juice) was probably fine by itself. But,’s tasty.

The Hurricane (with Fassionola)
– 2.0 oz Dark Rum
– 2.0 oz Light Rum
– 1.0 oz Fresh lime juice
– 1.0 oz Fresh orange juice
– 1.0 oz Fassionola syrup (or passion fruit syrup)
– 1 bar spoon Grenadine

While this is probably not one of the staple tiki drinks you’d find back in the 1930’s (as it was developed at a different time and place) it does fit the motif. You’ll also find over the last 60 years that a Hurricane is almost always found with tiki drinks at a Polynesian Restaurant. Even if Hollywood California’s Don Beach invented tiki and Pat O’Brien’s bar in New Orleans created the original Hurricane.

Hands down, this recipe should be in your personal Tiki menu list when serving for friends. It’s got all the staples of a good drink, a mysterious flavor agent, rum, and lime juice. How can you possibly ask for more? Rum drinks for everyone!!

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