How To Make The Hot Toddy Recipe 🍯 Hot Toddy Tuesdays Today we’re going to show you how to make the hot toddy, a warm cocktail for the chilly autumn/fall or cold winter months.

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The history behind the hot toddy or hottie tottie (or hottie toddy) is buried in intrigue and legacy. It’s said that the hot toddy was first created in Scotland and no doubt called for Scotch Whisky. But, nobody can tell you what that recipe would have been, if it was a standardized recipe at all.

The Hot Toddy is like the meatball of cocktails, the only stable known thing about the hottie tottie design is that it’s hot. Yeah, boiling water or hot tea isn’t abnormal. However, most recipes today do call for some level of honey and usually a whiskey but the combination and ratios will be different for many people. Some might use an agave or maybe even a maple syrup but our hot toddy is based on Barenjager Honey & Bourbon liqueur. It’s like a honey liqueur with some American Bourbon Whiskey as part of the recipe.

No matter how you make your hot toddy or hottie toddy or hottie tottie (or whatever the bar you go to calls it), there is no doubt this meatball of drinks keeps you warm. Higher alcohol content and hot water combined clears the senses and as if it feels as if it heals the body.

What is your hot toddy cocktail recipe look like?
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