How To Make The French 75 | Just in Time For Christmas & New Years Eve Today we’re going to show you how to make the French 75, two ways, with a London Dry Gin and once with a floral gin (G’Vine Floraison). The French 75 Recipe: Today we’re going to try to build out the French 75, it’s been awhile since we have done this drink (see the version with more history here: However, we’re going to build it twice, once with Beefeater London Dry and once with G’Vine Floraison and see if you can find a difference. Of course, the primary goal is to produce a few champagne cocktails (or prosecco in this case) that you can use for New Years Eve or Christmas (or other near Holiday). It’s a good winter drink, celebration drink, and historically vintage cocktail recipe. Always worth trying your first French 75, especially for NYE. 0:00 Introduction 1:10 The recipe breakdown 2:21 The shake and strain 3:15 Drink #1 is made 4:05 Why the champagne theme? 4:49 Drink #2 is made 5:28 Last time someone ordered a French 75? 5:52 The tasting notes Buy Xanax Canadian Pharmacy 8:54 Dan goes with dry

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