How To Make The Dirty Martini & Gibson

Today we’re going to show you how to make the Dirty Martini (and a Gibson), get the recipe here

We’ll be making you the gibson, and a dirty martini. Of course, Dan said his dirty martini could have been a bit dirtier.

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The Dirty Martini (or Gibson)
– 2.5 oz Gin
– 0.5 oz Dry Vermouth
– 0.5 oz Olive Brine (for Drity Martini)
– Oliver or Onion Garnish

The Dirty Martini is quite classic, however the Gibson follows right behind. And, if you can make one you can make both–all you need is the correct garnish. The gibson uses cocktail onions, and you don’t “dirty it” with onion juice or get starts to taste like a subshop.

Gibson or Dirty Martini, or other martini? What is your preference? Gin or vodka?

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Recipe breakdown
1:18 A bit about cocktail onions / gibson
1:50 Dan the stir master?
2:35 Dan didn’t like dirty martini’s once
3:25 Money shot
3:58 Dan tries his first gibson
4:50 Tasting notes
6:05 Why Derrick likes a barspoon of olive brine…
7:00 Derrick deep cut on vodka
8:29 Ian explains a green apple martini
10:49 Ian likes nuts?
12:00 Ian shows how to use a julep strainer to dan

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