How To Make The Departed | Campari and…Mezcal?

Today we’re going to show you how to make the Departed cocktail, this cocktail was submitted by Jon Spikes, designed by Sandy De Almeida. It has Campari, which Derrick doesn’t prefer, and Mezcal which Ian doesn’t prefer… who wins?

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The Departed cocktail has a lot of flavors coming at you, from the demerara rum (think warm brown sugars), campari (the bite), Mezcal (the delicious smoke) and an Amaro. So a balance of sweet and bitter coming at you.

It tastes a bit like a negroni, but sweeter. The campari hits you hard, then that’s followed through with some brown sugar notes. There is a little bit of smoke on the backend aftertaste that grows mildly when you take additional sips.

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The Departed – 1 oz. Demerara Aged Rum – 1 oz. Campari – ¾ oz. Averna Amaro – ½ oz. Mezcal – 1 dash. Peychaud’s bitters – Garnish: orange twist

Cheap Valium Buy Video Index 0:00 Introduction Buy 10 Xanax Online 0:32 Recipe card 1:40 The Stir 2:20 Love for Erin Bila, executive producer 2:52 Dan crushes ice with a spoon like a viking 3:35 Tasting Notes 8:09 Dan’s confused, too much strong drink? 8:50 Get some awesomedrinks bitters 9:15 Question of the day…

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