How To Make The Death & Taxes Cocktail

Today we’re going to show you how to make the Death & Taxes cocktail, this drink was invented by invented by Michael Madrusan.

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Our last potent cocktail, Norwegian Wood:

That drink was more powerful on the palate, this is soft and subtle. This drink is no less potent than the Norwegian Wood, but it’s more of a sleeper — that will put you to sleep with too many, no matter how much we look, the spirits are powerful like our 40 ABV Bénédictine.

The Death & Taxes cocktail will help you forget you owe taxes… no matter where you live in the civilized world.

Original Source:

Death & Taxes
– 1 oz Gin
– 1 oz. Blended Scotch whisky
– ¾ oz. Sweet vermouth
– ¼ oz. Bénédictine
– 2 dashes. Orange bitters
– Garnish: lemon twist

Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:43 Recipe card
1:05 A bit about why we don’t garnish often
2:28 Executive Producer love for Kyle Wood.
4:50 What is the ABV of Bénédictine?
6:01 Tasting notes

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