How To Make The Dark ‘N Stormy / Safe Harbor Drink Recipe

Today we’re going to show you how to make a proper Dark ‘N Stormy drink recipe, you can bookmark the recipe in our search engine here

If you’re familiar with a Dark ‘N Stormy, you’ll know one cannot do it wrong…or one could get in trouble. Why? Because this is a TradeMarked recipe by the Goslings folks and it must use their product. If it doesn’t have Goslings Black Seal Rum, then you’ll want to call it a Safe Harbor to avoid any issues.

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Dark ‘N Stormy
– 1.5 oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
– 5.0 oz Ginger Beer
– Lime Wedge Garnish

So, if you’re into black seal like we are, you’ll probably enjoy this recipe (given you have a little love for ginger beer). The ginger beer combines perfectly with the black seal rum, and gives you just enough zing and refreshing taste to make this the perfect late spring / early summer cocktail.

Plus, a dark n’ stormy cocktail is easy to create. Of course, if you’re at home you can make it however you want, if you’re a bartender and want to serve this on the drink menu but lack Black Seal you have two options. Start carrying Black Seal or change the recipe name to the Safe Harbor and use whatever rum you want.

One of the beauties of dilution of Black Seal in ginger beer is that the strong charred oak sweetness of Goslings Black Seal isn’t too intense, it’s just right.

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