How To Make The Bocce Ball Drink / Amaretto, OJ and Vodka, Oh My.

Today we’re going to show you how to make the bocce ball, a variation on a screwdriver with amaretto, bookmark the recipe here

This isn’t a screwdriver, because it has a liquor, which also mean’s it moves from a mixed drink to a true cocktail (for the most part) even if it lacks sour. This drink is more fun time beach sweet cocktail, perhaps a starter drink for the evening (or a finishing drink for a long night).

ISI Soda Siphon:

It’s a well known fact that amaretto and orange juice pair great together, we’re just adding some vodka to bring up the alcohol and balance out the sweet. There are only a few ways to balance sweet, one is more potency, the other might be bitters or in many cases, a sour. Sour in this cocktail would taste funky and odd, we want to avoid that because cocktails should bring enjoyment.

So, the bocce ball drink, an amaretto cocktail with vodka (vs. a vodka cocktail with amaretto). Let your amaretto shine. For this, we use Disaronno because it’s the one most people enjoy in their drinks around here.

The Bocce Ball
– 2 oz vodka
– 1 oz amaretto
– 4.5 oz fresh squeezed ​​orange juice
– splash soda water
Garnish: ​ orange slice

Also, keep in mind that orange juice in a bottle/can does not use natural flavors (it uses natural ingredients but the flavor is fake and added later). So make sure you use fresh orange juice for the best experience, here is a video about the dirty secrets behind orange juice:

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