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Today we’re going to show you how to make the beachcomber’s Gold, this is the second version of Donn Beachcomber’s recipe, from Waikiki. Get Jeff Berry’s REMIXED Book (affiliate):

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The Beachcomber’s Gold
– 1 oz Light Puerto Rican Rum
– 1/2 oz Gold Jamaican Rum
– 1/3 oz Fresh Lime Juice
– 3/4 oz Passion Fruit Juice
– 1/2 oz Honey Mix
– 2 dashes angostura bitters

This rendition of the Beachcomber’s Gold is from Waikiki, which has a different balance than that from his Chicago restaurant. Donn Beach was famous for mixing up “secret” drinks and altering them as time went on to fit the palate of the day. Of course, this also leads to arguments to which drink is “correct”, when none of that matters. What matters is how it sets you in the mood for summer time tiki fun.

We’re going to bang up some crushed ice, and use our immersion blender to get the job done.

Video Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:55 Recipe breakdown
1:30 The history
3:07 The Flop
4:35 The tasting notes
5:18 Passion fruit Syrup (Liber & Co)
6:50 Love for Michael Schwabe (Patreon)
7:14 The proper Beachcomber’s Gold Garnish

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