How To Make The Apple Cider Sidecar

Today we’re going to show you how to make the apple cider sidecar, a fall cocktail for the crisp weather — with some apple cider.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Cherries:

Happy Great American Smoke Out Day! We’re busting out a fall cocktail with apple cider and, wait for it… cognac? Yeah, we don’t use brandy/cognac much so this is interesting. In the end, we have an apple cider sleeper that tastes like apple and probably will creep up on you later.

Apple Cider Sidecar
– 2 oz apple cider
– 2 oz cognac
– 1 oz cointreau
– splash of fresh lemon juice
– lemon peel & cherry for garnish

Dan thinks the drink lacks depth, probably because we’d more appreciate that “mulled apple cider” flavor. The drink does bring the apple forward flavor, but doesn’t bring a lot of “spice” of the season (clove, cinnamon, and such).

Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:25 Derrick gets trolled
1:11 Recipe card
1:42 Patreon Love from Dean P Graves Jr.
2:25 The Playback of “The Wave”
4:35 Tasting Notes
5:18 Callback to reduced / concentrate
7:23 Let’s try bitters for depth!
10:13 Holiday drinks can be hit or miss

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