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Today we’re going to show you how to make the Americano, you can find the cocktail recipe here:

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The Americano cocktail is a recipe for those that think a Negroni is a bit aggressive on the palate. It’s like the intro to campari for those getting used to the idea of bitter cocktails.

The Americano
– 2.0 oz Campari
– 2.0 oz Sweet Vermouth
– 3.0 Club Soda

The club soda here can be used liberally until you’re used to the flavor of campari and want to love it more. Of course, perhaps you never get to that stage in your life where you want to love campari, but at least you can say you’ve had an Americano and you probably don’t want a negroni.

The negroni does have its own unique flavor profile, because of its use of gin vs. that of club soda. In this case, you get a bit more “prune” like flavor from the sweet vermouth playing through with the bitterness and the club soda simply makes it more prominent without adding any other additional flavors.

Campari cocktails can definitely be hard to swallow for some folks, the Americano cocktail just tries to make it a bit easier on you.

0:00 Introduction
0:42 The Americano Recipe
1:19 The Money Shot
2:02 Executive Producer Charles Lubanje
2:15 Ian shoots carbonation in his face
2:41 Americano Tasting (bitter face)
4:13 James Bond and Americano
5:22 Dan continues to want to like it
6:13 Derrick’s nerd is showing
7:26 Outtro

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