How To Make The Alabama Slammer (Slamma?) / Southern Comfort Cocktail

Today we’re gonna show you how we suggest you make the Alabama Slammer drink recipe, based on our recipe in our recipe search engine:

The Alabama Slammer was no doubt popularized in the 80’s, but the Alabama Slammer is a product of the 70’s and probably defined as a shot to be “slammed”, but it’s a great cocktail in a tall glass!

We’re not slamming this drink as a shot because that’s dumb. The alabama slammer does not contain enough alcohol to justify spending the money on a shot. This is a drink to be drank tall as it contains juice and sweetness balanced against the flavor of sloe berry.

Alabama Slammer
1 oz Southern Comfort
1 oz Sloe Gin
1 oz Amaretto
2 oz Orange Juice

So, to be clear, orange juice and amaretto are insanely paired well in most cocktails–this drink modifies that pairing a bit by bringing in sloe gin which has the sloe berry flavor (think berry and dryness more like a red wine) with a whiskey liqueur (southern comfort).

Southern Comfort may have been built for this drink, as a matter of fact, there aren’t a massive library of great southern comfort drinks anyway. A few we enjoy include the Bocce Ball and Slow Comfortable Screw.

This tall drink recipe is worth a try even if it feels a bit “for those young college party kids” in its overall vibe. We were all young once, so it’s worth reliving our youth.

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