How To Make The 360 Bulldog | Thanksgiving with Chocolate Vodka and Coke

Happy Thanksgiving, we’re going to show you how to make the 360 bulldog cocktail using 360 Double Chocolate Vodka.

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We don’t use vodka very often and when we do we try to do it with purpose. One thing that vodka is great at is extracting flavors and keeping them strong and bright. You’ll find 360 Double Chocolate does not disappoint in this regard, and we use it to create a bulldog cocktail to create the “360 bulldog” which is very similar to the Colorado Bulldog drink, but with chocolate instead of a standard white russian/coffee liqueur.

360 Bulldog
– 2.0 oz 360 Double Chocolate Flavored Vodka
– 1.0 oz Coffee Liqueur
– 1.0 oz Cream
– Top with Cola

Simple recipe, a white Russian with coca-cola. If you don’t have double chocolate vodka, try standard vodka (or vanilla) and give it a go!

0:00 Introduction
0:30 What is a Colorado Bulldog?
1:34 360 Bulldog Recipe
2:14 Money shot, pouring the coca cola
3:05 360 Bulldog Tasting Notes
3:44 National Thanksgiving Day?
4:23 Thanksgiving, Ian’s favorite holiday
5:40 Derrick’s love of chocolate vodka
7:00 Love for Jon Leavitt our executive producer
7:50 Election season is great for advertising

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