How To Make a Negroni / Campari Cocktail

Today we’ll show you how to make a negroni a classic cocktail design with a 1:1:1 ratio. Bookmark the recipe:

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The negroni is a cocktail for those more experienced cocktail drinkers, or, if you love more bitterness anyone. No doubt more to the European palate (think Italy) using aperitif’s and a place that loves more bitterness and less sugar, the negroni is a classic drink with simple ratios.

The Negroni
– 1 oz Campari
– 1 oz Gin
– 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
– Orange Peel

If you’re looking to become a bartender, the negroni is a worthwhile time tested cocktail that does not require complicated ratio memorization. Equal parts, all you need to remember is your campari, gin, and a sweet vermouth. Also add an orange peel and, while we love ice, you can go neat if you’re into that sorta thing.

The negroni. Drink it.

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