Highclere Castle Gin Tasting / Review

Let’s take a look at Highclere Castle Gin and see what it tastes like, is it worth looking into this blue bottle of gin?

A bottle of Highclere Castle Gin seems to cost somewhere between $40 and $50 depending on where you live (and taxes). The information / history on this gin is super light, their website says “Distilled from botanicals hand chosen from the castle’s English gardens.”

So yeah, working off that, we know it’s a bit above standard proof, coming in at 87 proof. This is a london dry with some lime-like forward flavors and some floral notes but brings a bit of a burning sensation (only being a few proof higher than normal). This may help the flavors cut through on a juice-based cocktail, like the Dorchester cocktail or a gin sour (or white lady).

The juniper isn’t too forward on the palate, so you won’t get that “polish cleaning agent” sensation (unless you don’t like gin). A clean taste, botanicals that probably will work well in a gin & tonic (with some bubbly) and the price isn’t extreme.

Plus, the barcode is in the shape of a castle, making it all the more delightful to purchase!

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