G’vine Floraison Gin Review | Gin From France!

https://homanathome.com/2023/03/7ero7z2qw Today we’re going to review G’Vine Floraison gin, a floral gin out of France. This gin has been used on the show in some of the deep past in and around 2008, this is our first full review of G’vine I believe.

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G’Vine Gin distilled from the Ugni Blanc or Trebbiano grape. This grape is one of the most widely planted in the world, often used for table wine. What a great way to use a high yield grape, distill it down and get the essence of the grape into a 40 ABV spirit.

We’re not 100% certain you’ll find that g’vine covers all gin-based cocktails, but those that are close to full spirit (like martinis) it should work great, as well as drinks with very little competing flavors like a gin and tonic.

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