Don Julio 1942 Review & Tasting / Is it worth $150+?

Today we re-break out our Don Julio 1942 sample they sent us and taste it, because last time we got a lot of flack, so now we’ll do it again slightly better/differently.

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Let’s take a look at Don Julio 1942, what’s it all about…what makes it better than another Don Julio product? What’s up with the anejo label and what does it really mean? These questions shall be answered along with others such as …what does it taste like?

We also pop out a $120 bottle of Alma Extra Anejo Tequila and compare, it’s a bit younger but it’s worth a try right? You can watch the review of Alma here

If given an opportunity give Don Julio 194 a try and see what you think, compare 1942 to their other products (and other anejo products) and do a full taste off. You’ll learn a lot in the process of tasting.
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