Disaronno Velvet Cream Liqueur Tasting / Review

So, there is a product from Disaronno called Disaronno Velvet, imagine the almond love flavor of Disaronno Amaretto and crisp cream. You’ve got it, it’s like eating a Cherry Gracia (Ben & Jerry’s) ice cream. It’s just too flavorful.

We received Disaronno Velvet in the mail to try and, we really didn’t _have_ to drink it to know it was going to be great, but I mean… for the job…I guess we’ll give it a try.

If you like a creamy cherry profile you’re heading in the right track, Disaronno Velvet delivers. It shouldn’t be too hard given how much people love Amaretto liqueur (especially Disaronno, which folks we serve can tell when we use a different amaretto).

Definitely a great tasting experience, if there is one downside it’s going to be how to use this in a summer cocktail. Really, this is a stand along product, or maybe something that calls for cream (you know, like a white Russian).

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