Cocktail Syrups, Why So Many Options? | 3 Minute Cocktail Education

We use our Professional Boston Shaker to build out a quick 2:1:1 Margarita. Want a professional boston shaker? Of course you do:

Cocktail Syrups:

There are two basic principles to a sugar syrup: straight up flavor extraction, and a blend of flavored sugars which invoke a customized recipe. Grenadine is a pomegranate syrup, orgeat is an almond syrup, but when you talk about Falernum Syrup or Gardania Mix…those are customized recipes to obtain a specific flavor profile for drink categories like tiki cocktails.

Clover Club Cocktail:
Jet Pilot:
The Mai Tai:
Pearl Diver:

You’ll find many syrups go by the term “cordial” which is usually a single flavor paired with sugar, such as a pomegranate cordial (grenadine), or grapefruit cordial (grapefruit and sugar) or lime cordial (sugar and lime juice concentrate), the list can go on nearly indefinitely.

Sugar syrups help balance the sour in your cocktail and, with all the great flavors, it allows you to get creative and pair your own drink flavors with your favorite spirits and sours. Mai Tai with almond, passion fruit with the hurricane cocktail, or even grapefruit and gin. The options for sweetening your cocktail is nearly limitless.

0:00 Introduction
0:24 The two types of sugar syrups
0:41 What is grenadine?
0:54 What is orgeat?
1:05 What is a cordial?
1:26 What’s is raspberry simple syrup used for?
1:35 A Pearl Diver?
1:42 What’s falernum?
2:10 Tiki drink’s, unlocking your potential
2:31 What about Mai Tai?

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