Cocktail Sweeteners & Levels of Sweetness Explained

So you want to make a cocktail and you’re trying to balance your sweet against sour? Cocktail sweeteners and their overall BRIX level of sweetness will make a difference.


The chances are you’ve made a margarita with simple syrup and a margarita with agave nectar depending on the recipe you’ve chosen at the time. Did you know how you build that recipe will make a difference? Using the same level of sour just won’t be enough or you’ll end up with a super sweet drink, or perhaps a really sour one.

There are a lot of differences in overall “sweetness” when dealing with different sugars from simple syrup, maple syrup, agave and honey. However, what you may not know is that sugar substitutes like Splenda or Equal are 200x to 600x sweeter than sugar. So, you need a lot less of them (and thus they are 0 calories since you don’t need as much), but they’ll throw off your 2:1:1 ratio fast and easy.

More about 2:1:1:

0:00 Introduction
0:24 What is BRIX?
0:46 BRIX Scale for our syrups
2:02 How about a 2:1:1 ratio with sugars?

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