Cocktail Modifiers Explained: Hemingway Daiquiri | 3 Minute Cocktail Education

Today we’re going to explain how cocktail modifiers are used to keep a 2:1:1 balance in a cocktail while also creating a brand new drinking experience out of a relatively basic “rum sour” design.

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Today we’ll be making a Hemingway Cocktail, here is the recipe breakdown:
2.0 oz Light Rum
0.75 oz Fresh lime juice
0.5 oz Maraschino Liqueur
0.5 oz Fresh grapefruit juice
0.75 oz Simple syrup

Notice the numbers in a Hemingway Daiquiri, they’re not as easy as a basic “2 oz spirit, 1 oz sugar, 1 oz sour” yet they still play around that same balance when you factor in the use of maraschino liqueur, which is a liqueur with both spirit and sugar as part of the design.

What we can learn from this is that 2:1:1 and really close ratios like that can be hidden in the numbers, and you have to consider the sweetness of your modifying agent. A modifying agent is the ingredient that gives the cocktail its character. It helps soften the potency of the raw spirit (like a light rum) by both toning down the potency and complimenting its natural flavor.

Get to know your modifying agents, look for how your next drink is created and watch what is used to enhance and pair the flavors together.

0:00 Introduction
0:30 Recipe breakdown
0:55 The fuzzy math
1:20 The hemingway daiquiri build
1:47 The tasting notes
2:05 What does a “modifier” do?

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