CMC Bar Tour & Nerd Talk About Camera Hardware

Here is the bar tour video of all the areas of our set done at 50% slow-motion speeds, then we’ll break down how we did it (and our new hardware). Join our patreon,

The product breakdown:
– Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4k: $1295
– SmallRight BMPCC 4k Half Cage ($42)
– NATO Top Handle Grip ($42)
– SmallRig SSD Mount ($40)
– SamSung T5 1TB SSD ($135)
– FeelWorld 7” Field Monitor ($260)
– HDMI Cable (coiled), Power Cable ~ $22
– Speed Booster: Metabones T Speed Booster XL 0.64x Adapter Canon Full Frame EF-Mount Lens to MFT. $530 used; new would cost me $700

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Video Table of Contents
0:00 introduction
0:21 Bar Tour
2:45 The hardware breakdown
3:00 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4k
3:50 The handle
4:15 No zoom on lens is better
5:14 what is this camera for?
5:28 The “cocktail” camera
6:25 The camera monitor
7:31 Metabones Speed Booster
9:14 What is a speed booster?
11:41 How did we raise the cash?
12:02 How to help your favorite youtube channel(s)

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