Citadelle Gin Review

Today we review Citadelle Gin because, why not? Derrick saw it at the store and picked it up to see how it was going to taste.

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Citadelle Gin is a French gin with a bunch of botanicals, so don’t confuse this with a London Dry gin although many of the botanicals are shared with that of the London Dry style. Citadelle Gin is a copper pot still, owned by the same folks that bring out Pierre Ferrand cognac and Plantation rum.

Citadelle Gin is tasty, not too juniper forward, but plenty of herbs play on your tongue. It’s not overly harsh or “burny” on the tongue, with a little muted coriander flavor. At USD $24 it’s about the same price as a bombay or mid-priced gin product. It’s a good product for the price point and competitive on taste to the London Dry’s in the same category without as much juniper (yet not as much citrus as you’d see in an American Gin). You’ll probably find Citadelle Gin plays well in a Gin & Tonic

0:00 Introduction
1:52 Derrick’s justification for buying stuff at the liquor store
2:10 Ian’s tasting impression
2:50 Derrick’s DYI gin
3:50 Bottle design impressions
5:30 Bottle design change, look for a new design.

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