Cazadores Tequila Review | Blanco and Reposado

Today we’re going to review Cazadores Tequila, because everyone keeps asking us to do it and has for years. So, today we’ll review up reposado and blanco tequila by the Cazadores brand.

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This video is slightly a bit chaotic due to our live stream going down mid-recording, losing internet access and trying to pickup and continue where we left off. But, we did get a chance to taste up the Cazadores and give our impressions of the flavor profile for both Cazadores Reposado and Cazadores Blanco tequila.

Video Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
0:36 Dan mentions tasting The Rock’s new tequila
3:09 What does Cazadores mean?
4:07 Ian participates
5:13 Cazadores tasting notes
7:40 Dan’s great idea for next filming, margarita flights?
10:37 Price check argument about Patron
12:56 Outro

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