Callisto Rum Review / Light Rum with Botanicals?

Today we’ll be reviewing Callisto Rum which is made with California Botanicals, which is something we’ve not seen in a rum before. So, let’s try it!

Comes in around USD $33 if you do some online shopping and has a flowery-forward flavor with a bit of sweetness to the mid-palate. Probably work in a rum daiquiri or anything that allows some of the floral notes to rise out of it. Perhaps Callisto Rum would make for a good mojtio? Worth trying. Or, maybe a Hemingway Daiquiri with the Luxardo Maraschino complimenting the flavor nature of the spirit.

Has a bit of a cachaca flavor, almost like pressed juice, but a bit more muted on some of those agricole-like flavors.

Table of Contents
0:00 Introduction
1:40 Tasting Notes
4:00 Maybe a mojtio?

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