Bully Boy Rum Cooperative Volume 1 / Rum Review & Tasting

Today we’re going to taste and review Bully Boy Rum Cooperative Volume 1 using Norlan Tasting Glasses available at amazon: http://amzn.to/2sLEen4

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We love rum, that’s nothing new, but we’re very particular about the excitement level we get for rums, they have to really wow us or come in at a low price point. At $30, that’s a big ask for rum when you can get a $15 light rum for your daiquiri. When the price breaks $25 we start getting particular about the flavor profile.

This rum comes in sweet, but not too sweet, potent but not too burny on the backend, and has a nice round flavor with some molasses, butterscotch and vanilla / oak. We’re not at the $50 range so we’re not looking for a sipper, we want something that will play well in some basic cocktail designs using rum.

Sure, light rum often works but aged rum that’s got a few more years on it tends to give more depth of character and overall experience. Plus, you can only have so many basic daiquiri’s before you yearn for something a bit different. Bully Boy doesn’t disappoint.

Given the label “volume 1”, we can only imagine more volumes coming in the future? Oh yes, let’s hope!

The video time series
0:00 Introduction
0:20 Price & Breakdown
0:40 Love to Alan Joyce !
1:11 Tasting Notes
1:48 Gold Metal Winner Rant
2:37 What cocktail would work?
3:54 Outro

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