Boodles Gin Review / Plus we compare to Tanqueray & Beefeater

Today we review Boodles gin, because people asked us to do it. And, while we are at it we pull out a bottle of Tanqueray and Beefeater and see if the smooth factor is because of our Norlan glasses or if it’s just really that smooth.

Norlan Tasting Glasses:

As it turns out, Boodles gin is just smooth and flavorful without a ton of juniper attack. Sure, there is plenty of good juniper notes but it’s not as aggressive as, say, Tanqueray. But, we were not sure, which is why we pulled it out to see how it compared in our Norlan glasses.

We also tend to spend a lot of time drinking Beefeater and used that as a basis for comparison as well. Dan definitely has an issue with Tanqueray and we thought, just for a second, that maybe his juniper detector was broken when he sipped and reviewed Boodles gin. But no, he still didn’t care for the flavor of Tanqueray so at least we had that going for us.

Bottom line: boodles gin was a worthy contender for a gin voted by those fans of gin (us). If you want to work another brand of gin into your gin bottle rotation give Boodles a try.
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