Barr Hill Gin, Vodka and Tom Cat Gin Review / Tasting

Today we’re going to do a little barr hill review with barr hill gin, barr hill vodka and barr hill tom cat gin (old tom gin style). This review, or tasting, is designed to give you an idea of what the flavor profile for the given barr hill products tastes like and if it’s your style.

Up front, Barr Hill (or more to the point Caledonia Spirits) sent us these sample bottles to taste free of charge. So, we didn’t pay anything for them but we also have no interest in making up a reaction or taste profile, we tell it as it is and you decide if it’s for you.

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That’s my plug! Now, Barr Hill products all have one thing in common: honey. The essence of honey can be found in each of their products. However, Dan did not know that and I had him taste them to see if he’d figure it out on his own. Granted, the cap and label have a bee on them so it’s not completely hidden…but if you don’t know, it’s hard to tell.

Barr Hill vodka actually does bring some essence of flavor to the product. In reality, most vodka’s go for “purity” and don’t have any flavor at all — they believe that is what makes it “so good.” We, on the other hand, would rather have a product that brings some essence of hits character and history.

Barr Hill Gin also carries that history and characteristic into the gin. Many honey essences are floral in nature and that pairs well with the juniper notes and floral flavors of a gin based spirit. Then, we kick that up a notch with Bar Hill Tom Cat Gin, which we believe is designed after the Old Tom Gin flavor profile — an aged gin spirit is tasty as all get-out.

We suggest you give these products a try if you see them. Vodka lovers may find Barr Hill super interesting (or hate it because it’s not “pure ethanol flavor”) and Bar Hill gin is a delightful change up for those more delicate gin based cocktails.

And Tom Cat brings bright fresh oak like you just oak aged your gin in an oak bottle. Fun, interesting, something new to play with in your cocktails!

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