Aquafaba as Substitute for Egg Whites in Cocktails / Garbanzo / Chickpea Juice

Aquafaba, is the leftover liquid from chickpea / garbanzo beans. This foaming agent is a vegan way of making a foamy head on top of your cocktails. We’ll be doing it with a whiskey sour:

We are going to use the standard 2 Tbsp measure as “one egg white”, however our cocktail often uses just a half an egg white, so do some basic math and you can get the job done.

So, the two important questions we have from a cocktail perspective:

1. Does the cocktail create a proper foamy head that resides on the top?
2. Does the cocktail maintain the aroma and taste like a tasteless egg white?

We also will use two different aquafaba solutions: a powdered aquafaba and standard chickpea juice. For the powder, we spent $16 on a 4 oz container of Vör Aquafaba:

So, we want to know how the powder impacts the taste as well, which we do feel has more residual “flavor” which isn’t exactly tasty but is at least subtle. Our feeling is, if you’re a vegan you are probably used to residual garbanzo bean taste within your egg white substitutes (in cakes, pies, etc.) and this may go unnoticed.

For a die hard egg white cocktail person, aquafaba may be a bit of a turn off. But, might be great in a pinch when you have no egg whites on hand (and, for some reason, are stock piled on chickpea cans).

Classic Whiskey Sour (the video)

Classic Whiskey Sour
– 2 oz. whiskey
– ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
– ¾ oz. simple syrup
– Egg white (2 tbsp)

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