🛢️🛢️ “Dirty Little” Secrets About The Rum Industry?

Let’s talk about some of the dirty little secrets of the rum industry — it’s all about ages, colors and labels. What about the technique to making a sweet rum? Sugars, Dunder and other techniques to eek out more sweet and round flavors, making your rum feel more “superior.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some rum but I love it _knowing_ there are some techniques to coloring, caramelizing and flavoring your favorite rum brands. If you want to dive into some of the rum brands and what that sugar content is for those rums, check it out here:

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Dirty Secrets of the Vodka Industry: https://youtu.be/pngUVKjkcB8
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You’ll find lots of hidden information in rum because it’s nearly the “wild west” when it comes to what rums can do in the United States. While Island rums may play nice on their own associated Islands, once they’re aggregated with all the other products noted as a “rum” things get crazy.

You can add sugar to a rum to make it sweeter, rounder and full flavored. You can add dunder to a rum to bring a huge molasses punch. You can use caramel color to make them look older or burnt sugars to give it the age look… but then you have light rums that are clear yet they’re actually aged rums, what!? Yea, there are plenty of dirty secrets in the rum industry.
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