Captain Planet: Toxic Clean-Up

The planet is dying and toxic chemicals run throughout. Rivers of sludge and air of pollution, life fading away by our actions. We call to the skies for our savior with our powers combined. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, & Heart shout from our lungs when we hear his call. “With your powers combined I am CAPTAIN PLANET!” Our call has been answered and we can breath again for he saved the day yet again but his farewell words ring always within our ears, “The power is yours!”

Growing up Captain Planet was one of my favorite shows cause not only was it interesting to watch, each episode contained a message to all of us that we must work together to save our dying planet. I loved the show so much that it drew me to make a difference back then. But we all should do our part.

Now on to the alcohol, can’t be too serious. In creating this shot I wanted to stay close to the roots of Captain Planet so I chose to use Jersey’s Toxic Waste for its name and I wanted to chose colors close to that of Captain Planet for the chaser but have it calm the potency of the Jersey’s Toxic Waste as well.

The only downside is Hpnotiq is only 17% APV and can tend to blend with the Grenadine if not poured slowly enough. To make this easier I highly suggest purchasing the ZEVRO Gravity Release Jigger from cause it allows you complete control as to how fast or slow you layer your drinks. Normally an alcohol with a low APV and high sugar content would tend to blend with Grenadine for example but with this device you can

add it drop by drop allowing it to float perfectly every time. And at only $9.50 its definitely worth its investment. I use it in every layered shot I make and I’m loving it and so will you, I guarantee it.

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1 oz. Jersey’s Toxic Waste

½ oz. Grenadine
½ oz. Hpnotiq

First fill a shot glass with Jersey’s Toxic Waste and set aside. Next in a separate shot glass add Grenadine first and then very slowly layer the Hpnotiq on top. To do the shot first grab the Toxic Chemical shot and take the shot then immediately after grab the Captain Planet chaser and take that.


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