Magic the Gathering Cocktails: Chandra Ablaze

There’s no virtue in subtlety—at least not as far as the fire-mage Chandra Nalaar is concerned. Impulsive, passionate, and short-tempered, she’s as ready to explode as the pyromantic spells of her ever-growing repertoire. Chandra’s spark ignited when she was still quite young, and as she has grown, so have her abilities as a wielder of fire magic and as a planeswalker.

As a source of immense and unpredictable power, authority figures have sought to restrict and control Chandra, which comes into direct conflict with her need for independence and freedom. As Chandra’s wild inner fire comes in contact with world after world of rules and strictures, the results are sure to be explosive.

With that said, you have insight into Chandra’s rage and pyromantic powers. This drink recreates that concept by adding a bright fire like color and just enough heat to give it the kick it needs. I use a type of bitters that can be purchased from where you’ll find many of your cocktail making needs including many varieties of bitters and syrups to make the perfect drink creation. I hope you enjoy this very tasty drink creation, I know I did.

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Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice and stir well. Strain into a medium glass with ice and garnish with an orange. More Bitters can be added if needed to increase the heat content if you desire.


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