Magic the Gathering Cocktails: Cult of Rakdos

The Cult of Rakdos main purpose in life is pure destruction. They will slaughter all that stand in their way with no remorse. With dark arts running amok within its walls, its followers show no remorse for even their own well-being, inflicting pain upon even their own flesh and revel in it.

This is a unique variation of the “bomb” shot. This guild uses an ability called Unleash and within this drink you’ll be unleashing the “Kraken” born of blood as symbolized by the Grenadine mix. The igniting of the shot symbolizes the hellfire from the Demon guild leader Rakdos the Defiler. This is honestly one of the darkest guilds in all of Ravnica. Given that this drink is meant to be set on fire, be extra cautious in its creation. Please drink responsibly.

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  • 1 oz. Kraken Dark Spiced Rum
  • 1 oz. Grenadine
  • Cold Sprite
  • Bacardi 151

In a large glass pour in the Grenadine first then add enough Sprite to fill it to about ½ to ¾ full. Then in a shot glass add the Dark Rum and layer a small amount of Bacardi 151 on top. Ignite the shot glass and then drop it into the Sprite & Grenadine mix then drink quickly.


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