Sizzling Summer Date Idea: A Romantic Picnic

wine drinkersRekindle romance between you and your loved one with a romantic picnic at the park or on the beach. With the sounds and sights of nature and some tasty fare, an out-of-the-ordinary picnic date will be having you falling in love all over again. Below are a few essentials to bring along as you make this date special and memorable.

A Comfy Blanket

Create a romantic space for you and your loved one with a soft and colorful blanket or quilt. Bring a bright colorful blanket that is thick and comfortable and big enough for the two of you. If you plan to spend hours canoodling on the grass, you may want to bring along a thin comforter or second blanket to pad any roots, rocks or wet grass beneath the area you plan on sitting during your picnic.

Wine, Corkscrew & Plastic Cups

Pack wine in a small chilled cooler and sip on a spritzer to help ease into the date and make things a little flirtier. Red is a simple option because you won’t have to keep it very cold, but if you bring along a cooler and ice, a bottle of chilled white is refreshing for a warmer climate. Bring both options, prepare fresh homemade sangria as a delicious fruity treat or mix a bellini cocktail for sparkling flair. Make sure you have a corkscrew and a couple plastic cups. You can enjoy your date without having to worry about broken glass or paper cups disintegrating over the course of the afternoon.

Cheese, Meats & Bread

Start the casual picnic date off with some pieces of cheese, meats and sliced French bread. This fare will pair especially well with flavorful wine. Add some jam or grapes to the mix for a little sweetness with the cheese and meat. Don’t forget a transportable cutting board and knife to spread the cheese and cut the meat and bread. Arrange the appetizers on the cutting board, and your picnic will turn into a mouthwatering spread for two.

Smartphone & Speaker

Download music onto your smartphone or create a new playlist on you iPod to set the ambience for your romantic picnic date. Yo Yo Ma, The Spanish Guitar or piano love songs are perfect tunes for creating a relaxing and romantic mood.

Cooking the Main Course

Not the best cook? You wouldn’t believe the easy tips and tricks you can pick up from cooking shows and food channels. Sometimes it’s hard to follow along, but you can record in HD and reference via DVR, according to www.rasertech.com. Channels such as Food Network and the Travel Channel have programs with cooking ideas for every setting, no matter what your kitchen skills are like. Cook up Rachael Ray’s Thai Chicken Wrap with Spicy Peanut Sauce for exotic flavor or make simple, tasty ham and gruyere sandwiches as decadent finger foods. Also, have a fresh fruit or cucumber salad on the side to keep the meal light and add flavorful variety. For dessert, being along pieces of dark and milk chocolate. Heart Dove chocolates pair splendidly with red wine and are even an aphrodisiac, which means your date may continue after the park.


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