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Voli Lyte Vodka Review

Tasting Notes: Voli Lyte Vodka brings a slight sweeter nose with lime-notes and tastes much like a light-bodied Grey Goose with mild sweetness and almost no burning finish. The viscosity is a bit more light on the tongue than that of a standard vodka and the aftertaste is fairly short. But, it’s lower calories than a typical vodka, so keep that in consideration at all times.

Okay, let’s put aside celebrity endorsements and photo shoots with Voli and someone famous–let’s talk about taste. I’m a tripe-Z minus celebrity with no sway in the industry but I’ve got a good amount of fans that listen to the words of Common Man Cocktails and trust my judgement so that’s good enough for me! What does Voli bring with its Lyte alternative to the standard vodka.

First, as Voli Lyte Vodka has advertised, it’s going to save you 20%-40% of the calories you’ll get from a competitive brand (let’s just say it…Grey Goose). Voli is a French wheat vodka distillate and brings a nice crisp flavor that is just a bit more light on the palate than a vodka like Grey Goose or Ketel One (which both are French wheat) and I blame this entirely on the extra 10% water from the Voli Lyte Vodka compared to their more heavier calorie competitors. Yes, that’s right, Voli Lyte is 30% ABV, not exactly standard for a vodka but that light approach does have some benefits.

I believe a large group of cocktail drinkers do not care for a lot of the “alcohol bite” that can come with a higher percentage product. Voli Lyte has a fresh crisp flavor with a light aftertaste that reflects its slight lower alcohol percentage, this can compliment those cocktails that call for a vodka just because it brings out a bit more ABV in the drink. There are many cocktails that do not highlight the vodka as the core component and I think Voli can help in many of these by reducing the alcohol and calories but keeping the same volume and substance to the recipe.

I was quite surprised just how well the standard Lyte tastes compared to that of a Grey Goose. While Grey Goose is a bit more viscous and brings a bit more beefy finish both brands maintain a great light crisp flavor that puts them both in the $19-$25 category (at least around my area). If you buy online you may find Grey Goose nearly double the cost of Voli Lyte, and that becomes a much more no brainer to me because the taste is so similar, no matter how much more of a “diet” spirit this may become.

The flavored brands are really going to shine because the lower proof is much more acceptable in flavored spirits and those flavors often mask some of the traditional vodka taste. So, by reducing the ABV and increasing the flavor you get something with a low calorie result that has a much sweeter taste–usually the way I roll when I’m on a diet. I want something that tastes like I’m not on a diet!

Are you a die-hard vodka enthusiast? I’d say Voli Lyte Vodka is a must try but keep your expectations set correctly–the goal of this spirit is to reduce calories and that reduction doesn’t come for free, you will receive a lighter slightly more watery product as a result. Nothing comes for free, but that’s not to say we can’t try to be a bit more health conscious with our decision making.

Do you pay attention to calories when drinking cocktails? Let us know!



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