Common Man Cocktails

Cotton Candy Cosmo

Vodka silently dances with some X-Rated Fusion and cranberry juice. The balance of passion fruit and cranberry juice works well in this drink, to bring a slightly sweet passion attack with a drier cranberry juice finish. A delicate, delightful and light little cocktail.


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    Ben P
    August 20, 2011 at 1:43 am

    My friend ordered one of these at O’Charley’s. It’s one of their cocktail menu drinks. She received a plastic shaker that she was supposed to pour over the cotton candy into the glass. The cotton candy dissolved into the drink. It was rather cool to watch. Since cotton candy is just flavored and spun sugar, the cotton candy would add some extra sweetness, some slight vanilla flavor (since pink cotton candy is vanilla flavored), and maybe some extra color. It looked like it was supposed to be an ingredient, not just a garnish. =)

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