Alcohols by Volume 09: Vodka Tasting

Today we’re tasting five different styles of vodka looking for a few specific features: quality and price. We tried to grab a few brands from each category of quality spirit. For the low-cost effective vodka fans (probably the majority) we’re putting Tito’s Vodka up against its closest competitor, in our minds, Smirnoff. We’re pitting them with Absolut and Grey Goose a few big marketed brands and Christiania which is a higher end brand here in the United States that’s probably cheaper and more prevalent in Europe.

We know the Europeans are watching and wanted to get a few brands they’d have access to purchasing (we know Tito’s won’t be found). However, these brands are all going up against the more “American Standards” of vodka which tend to be that of clear, crisp and very little flavor to the spirit. The idea that you want to distill them down so they hide extremely well in cocktails and such.

For those vodka-belt viewers, try not to cringe!


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