Tequila Semental Anejo Review We’re finally getting a chance to bust through the final review of Semental Tequila, their añejo style and I can’t wait. It has been sitting on my table breathing for five minutes now and the aroma’s are floating around the room and making me thirsty.

Online Doctor Xanax Prescription After pouring, the Semental Añejo Tequila is definitely holding a great dark color, almost like a clear apple cider. The color is inviting and rich like its nose from afar, so it’s only appropriate to dig my own nose into the glass! Up close, there is a thick spice with a warm burning sensation throughout my nasal passages. Salty white pepper and dried tropical fruit essences. I believe there is even a bit of a chocolate hint in the nose, nice.

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Semental Anejo Tequila reminds me much of a cognac or brandy, a subtle sweet darker french oak style play on tequila. The taste is warm, inviting with hints of white pepper, lime and a neat acidic finish. The texture is smooth and subtle while the finish does bring some heat on the palate the elegant scents that rise into your nose on the sip brings it all around to a full bodied flavorful experience.

The finish reminds me of a cream soda, vanilla with a mix of cocoa beans and agave. It lingers nicely on the palate and allows you to continue to appreciate its livelihood.

The Semental Añejo Tequila will cost you roughly USD $59.00 at retail and it’s actually very much worth the cost. When the product arrived I took a short sip and found it a bit light with little flavor, but then when I sat down with a proper sipping glass and let it breath for a minute the experience changed . This tequila sets a mood, brings new excitement and makes you recall why you love to taste well crafted products–no doubt.

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    sierra green
    May 27, 2010 at 1:50 pm I tried this Semental anejo and its superb..your cognac description needs to be completed as an excellent one.. Xanax Online the smooth delightfull flavor has no comparision. so if we have to drink …let the best win..