Veltins Pilsener Review

VeltinsIt’s been far too long since I’ve done a beer review, cocktails have been my life lately so I’ve had a lot of opportunities to taste spirits and cocktails. This week I’m in Düsseldorf Germany and have been doing my best to experience the full culture and learn along the way. So, today I cracked open the hotel minibar and pulled out a Veltins Pilsner and poured myself a glass.

The bottle cost 3€ (euro) which is a pretty good deal considering it’s a minibar purchase, not too overpriced for the convenience. Sure, I could go down to the hotel bar and get a full tall glass for about the same cost but typing up a review in the bar seems a bit too…dorky?

Holding the glass up to my hotel light shows off a beautiful golden color with a nice one-finger tall head which sits on the top of the beer for many minutes. The carbonation is huge, reminding me of a champagne in bubble movement which seems to help maintain the head for the long term.

The scent smells like a lightly floral hop with a slightly bitter feeling on the nose. There is definitely a light flavored bouquet which is super subtle and requires you to really dive your nose in deep to get the real feelings for the profile. Very crisp and refreshing and just what I’d want in a pilsner.

The taste is prickly on the tongue as the carbonation takes hold, a very light and refreshing taste from start to finish. The attack is that of muted hops which bring a crisp and slightly sweet mid-palate transition into a finish that’s got a bit of hop bite along with perhaps a little citrus finish.

The Veltins is a text-book pilsener beer with pleasing tastes for a new beer drinker all the way to the professional German beer enthusiast. It won’t bring a huge amount of bitterness nor does it taste like a watered down beverage. The Veltins falls right in the middle with a bit more sweet taste with a citrus and earthy finish.

This is a great weekend beer or social beer and would be extremely refreshing after a long day of working in the sun, perhaps in your garden. Definitely worth a trip to my hotel minibar.


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