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Inniskillin 2006 Vidal Gold Ice Wine Review inniskillin-gold-vidal-2006Canada should be proud of their ice wines, the Vidal Gold shows a crisp gold color with a clarity and distinction. It swirls around the glass and leaves a nice thick coating across the glass. The Inniskillin Vidal Gold brings a sweet scent with ripe pears and over-ripening apricots. To validate my point, I bit into an apricot and got similar flavors without the over-sweetening of the ice wine, the apricot was much more subtle and mild compared to the Vidal but had the same familiar structure. The taste of this ice wine is thick and sweet with a very nice acidic structure that really pulls in some beautiful acids in the mid-palate. While my sweet taste buds dance with apricot and green grape skins the mid-palate continues with an earthy mineral flavoring and finishes sweet with a hint of alcohol heat and lasts for minutes.

I’m impressed with the long-lasting nature of the finish, it tastes as if I just eat a half bag of crisp green grapes. It’s not often I taste a wine that actually reminds me of a fruit so long after the glass is empty. Like most ice wines, I have a hard time putting it down, so my glass doesn’t last as long as it should. Overall, the Vidal is a strong ice wine grape and is one of the sturdiest varieties lasting the long winter nights. While it has found its home in ice wine and is more common amongst the style, it brings its own uniqueness that is worthy of a sip or three. A bottle of Inniskillin Vidal Gold will cost you roughly USD $75 so I do suggest taking your time with the bottle and enjoy each sip. Ice wines will cost you a pretty penny and this bottle is worthy of its price, hard to beat in quality and complexities.

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