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Sex on a Mexican Beach Cocktail



The name says it all, Sex on a Mexican Beach. The name is more of a play on the original “Sex on the Beach” recipe becaues of the included juice flavors, however, this cocktail brings in the Tequila spirit to change the beach location to Mexico.


Overall, I find this recipe to be more of a fruitier margarita play more than that of a sex on the beach. If you like margarita’s or hoped for a sweeter play on the margarita, this may be your drink of choice.

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  • https://culturviajes.org/2023/09/14/wzr03aua Reply
    Sean Strife
    Can I Buy Zolpidem Online August 22, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    https://www.a-crear.com/k278ak9b Perhaps we could also nickname this drink the “Margarita on a Beach”?