VeeV Açaí Spirit Review

veev-açaíBefore getting into the review, you’ll want to learn a new term: Açaí. It is pronounced ah-SIGH-ee and is an exotic Brazilian fruit which reminds me of the look and feel of a blueberry. However, the exotic taste is highly appealing because it is so unusual and different. Distill the açaí down and you’ve got VeeV, an açaí spirit!

I began by pouring the VeeV Açaí into my glass and took a look at its color: perfectly clear. This distilled spirit is as clean and clear as a blanco tequila or a highly distilled vodka. For some reason I would have expected it to be pink from the scents I received while pouring it into the glass, pink would also be more exotically sexy. But, the clear color makes for good cocktail making so I can understand why clear is the choice.

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https://tellest.com/cd802qpfm The bouquet to VeeV Açaí is extremely tropical and delicious to my nose. Closing my eyes I can completely imagine a fruit bowl in my hands with plump juicy fruit. I get floral cherries, ripe pears and tropical fruits I’ve never smelled before–I’m not versed in the Brazilian fruit Açaí but I’m gaining a huge respect for it with VeeV. The nose tails off with citrus, light limes and subtle alcohols.


https://orseal.com/xm5qag4d Tasting this spirit is exciting; a thick consistency, heavy body and a light prickle around the lips and tongue upon my first sipping. The alcohol was a bit more than I had expected, its potent shows itself greatly. I still get a sweet up front citrus attack a smooth Açaí mid-palate transition and the alcohol heat on the finish along with subtle fruits. The second sip resulted in far less alcohols but they were still present.

Drop a few ice cubes in the glass and stir, you’ll receive a completely different experience. The initial taste is that of a sweet cherry with a full Açaí flavoring from mid-palate to finish. The alcohol all but disappears under the chill of the ice and leaves a completely pleasant experience from start to end.


Overall, this spirit will mix exceptionally in a tropical cocktail or tiki style Polynesian drink. No doubt, VeeV can be sipped and enjoyed especially on ice and the new style experience was unknown to my palate and thus, extremely enjoyable and inviting. If you love new flavors and tastes you’ll have to checkout VeeV Açaí Spirit. The bottle says $1.00 of each sale is donated to the farming communities for those that harvest wild Açaí which allows the environment to be protected throughout its gathering and preserve natures growing methods.

https://beautifulbirthdaycakes.co.uk/2023/01/wljwlik6 You should be able to find VeeV Açaí between USD $30 and USD $36, I suggest you seek it out.

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