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Absinthe Tasting and HOWTO Video

I’ve done some research on absinthe and tried to gather some information to share with the community to explain away the fears of the spirit. While some may dislike the taste all together, since it’s heavy in that anise/fennel flavoring, others have continually asked me “what is absinthe?” or commented on its legality.

Absinthe Devil

I’ve had folks post comments to some video’s telling me how I have to have it imported and cannot buy it in the United States, which is untrue or that it’s not “real absinthe” because that’s banned which is also untrue.

If you’d like to join a community of absinthe drinkers you should checkout the forums at Those looking for a way to kick start their absinthe drinking should checkout the products at AbsintheDevil and get started today, then you can drink along with Common Man Cocktails!

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