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Common Man’s Crimson Sky Recipe [video]

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This is our third Common Man Cocktail’s recipe creation! We started with the The Common Man Margarita, Common Man’s Ginger Rum and now we’ve created the Common Man’s Crimson Sky. This drink utilizes one of our favorite juices, POM Wonderful, with a touch of pineapple juice. Our base alcohol is a beautifully sweet Black Cherry Rum by Cruzan with a slight hint of banana with our Creme de Banane addition. We’ll round it out with a “Sweet Sour” lineup of fresh lime juice and simple syrup.

This recipe took a bit of time to perfect but we’ve got it exactly where we wanted it. It’s got a slight acidic dry taste with a sweet cherry attack leaving your senses balanced with luscious fruits. Exactly what is needed for a mildy warm spring day or burning hot summer afternoon.

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