2004 Blue Nun – Qualitätswein Review

The holiday season is upon us and New Years Eve is right around the corner. Although bubbly wine, particularly Champagne is a popular way to ring in the New Year, it’s not the only option. A sweet cost conscious white wine, much like a bottle of 2004 Blue Nun, may be just the thing you need to head into the next year. A product of Germany, by H. Sichel Söhne, brings us a light refreshingly sweet white wine from the Rheinhessen region. The 1.5L bottle is big and impressive but the light 9.5% ABV allows you to consume a bit more of the beverage without getting tipsy as quickly; you’ll be awake to celebrate the entire affair! This wine pours golden yellow and offers a sweet scent to everyone around you. The nose is that of ripe peaches and thin grape skins although it’s not extremely complex in the overall experience. The expectations are set immediately upon sniffing the aromas and the taste fits the nose leaving an immediate impression of peach on the sweet taste buds and a slight hint of grape skin on the finish. The wine has a good acidic feel for its age and price point even if the finish is a bit too short. Although the finish doesn’t linger too long and has a simple taste, Blue Nun complements a few fun foods, especially a Caesar salad or poultry based dinner. The wine is a bit one dimensional offering a sweeter side of life, more so than many Rieslings and Gewürtraminer wines out of Germany. However, this is a cheaper wine, especially for the 1.5L size so you’re going to get what you pay for: a young wine from the sweet side of town.

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