Two Great Beer and Wine Holiday Gifts

Discount Alprazolam Online People are avoiding the shopping malls this year and hitting up the Internet for online gift giving. When looking for a beer gift or a wine gift, you’re at the mercy of picking a random item. Perhaps your gift receiver was nice enough to link you to exactly what you want; everyone else, you need some help. Here is some help!

For wine drinkers, you’ll probably want to get them a great accessory to accent their wine drinking desires. Although you can get a cork screw anywhere, fancy cork screws show your guests how high class you are (or think you are). Although it might be less practical by yourself, social drinking is only complete if you can show off your Wine Tool Kit.

Order Alprazolam From Mexico The tool is cool, useful and comes with all the accessories you need to have your recipient become the focus of the wine drinking party.

Secondly, a beer drinker who is enthusiastic about beer may be interested in more than just the drink itself. You’ll find purchasing beer on the internet a bit tedious, requiring you to be home to “sign” when the box is dropped off. You can purchase it at the store but that requires you to leave your warm home for the crowded shopping mall. If you want a gift you know a beer drinker probably doesn’t have, consider a book about American beer history. Personally, Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer, is one of the most interesting book I’ve read about the American beer.

Ambitious Brew, starts at the beginning, when Germans came to our country to show people that old style English beers were not the only recipes in the book. The author, Maureen Ogle, describes America’s history in beer with style and grace and never bores you with the insignificant details. The reader won’t feel like their reading a dry history book, they’ll feel as if they are learning something about our history.

The reader will learn how the Germans arrived and had a very difficult time breaking into the industry and how many brewers daughters would marry men who seemingly had one goal: inherit the company. Learn how Anheuser-Busch grew from a small time establishment, survived through Prohibition and went on to regrow their company to where it is today.

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Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer brings you close to Pabst, Adolphus Busch, Miller and other huge industry movers. The one that receives this gift and reads it will have a new knowledge and respect for where we’ve come in our drinking history and an idea of where we’re going. They’ll have intelligent tidbits to tell friends around the poker table and impress folks with their knowledge of American beer.

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